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Our well-built international team has a 3 year experience in commercial property management. For this time we have proved a good reputation and all the properties under our management are gaining in service and exposure. We benefit from full perception of the market and we taking into account the distinctive features of Koh Samui which make it so unique. Our priority is to ensure steady return of the investment while maintaining the property with due diligence. Having the staff of directly employed property managers, accountants, technicians, gardeners and maids enables us to provide quality service at residential estates. We offer full-scale property management to rent out or maintain your estate, including transparent financial and accounting services, marketing, maintenance and upkeep and customer service.


Our service includes full customer attendance e.g., collecting payments, meeting on arrival and departure, consulting, handling violations and responding to additional requests. Monitoring customers’ satisfaction helps us to achieve a greater understanding of customer needs. We work on several avenues to achieve better occupancy. Building a good brand image results in better customer recognition and helps to win their trust.  We rely on multitude of channels including social networks, local agencies and world-wide booking platforms to achieve maximum exposure.


Our job is to provide all necessary to keep the property running, maintain the best condition and manage upgrades on request. This includes daily attendance of facilities and the area, regular cleaning, gardening, pool and maid service, ensuring stable electricity connection and water supply. We monitor the facilities condition, take quick action on minor issues and advise you on the amortization timely. We can and do organize upgrades or redesign of facilities by finding the contractors, agreeing on the plan and monitoring quality of the works.


Our function is to ensure secure and correct document workflow. Full transparency of what happening in the estate is our responsibility. We provide financial and occupancy reports regularity or on demand. With deep involvement and understanding of operating expenses and budgeting we are able to devise and employ appropriate strategies to maximize profit. We are responsible for collecting invoices and make payments for outsource or communal services. We are familiar with Thailand laws and Samui legislation specifics and work in full accordance with them.

Years in Business

Managed Properties

The Place Villa 213 – RGLN005

from 140 USD per night
from 1,950 USD per month
22 180 m2 Garden View

Bophut Bluewave House – RGBO008

from 40 USD per night
from 515 USD per month
11 Garden View

Bophut Blue Wave Cottage – RGBO001

from 91 USD per day
from 1,550 USD per month
22 Garden View
hot status

The Place Villa 204 – RGLN002

from 103 USD per night
from 1,550 USD per month
22 130 m2 Garden View